Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Week: The Endless Sequels

Ontario Liberals bar the testimony of key witnesses:

“This government has proven, once again, that they are not in the business of being open or transparent,” Ontario Interim PC Leader Jim Wilson said today.

Today, the government voted down a PC motion to allow two key witnesses, Laura Miller and Peter Faist, to testify before the Standing Committee on Justice Policy. The Committee is investigating the destruction of key documents about the relocation of two gas plants that cost the province over $1 billion.

“Both of these key witnesses have agreed to testify before the Committee about their role in the unauthorized deletion of documents from the former Premier’s Office.”

“If the Liberals were actually committed to being transparent they would allow these two to testify – why are they blocking this important testimony?”
This is the government Ontario Liberal voters wanted.

Putting a cap on a profession solely because of the possible beliefs of the professionals isn't just discriminatory, it's self-defeating:

Members of the Law Society of British Columbia have voted overwhelmingly against accrediting a Christian university's law school.

The referendum was called at the end of September by the society's governors, known as benchers, and was sparked by a community covenant at Trinity Western University in Langley, south of Vancouver.

That covenant prohibits students and staff from sex outside of a marriage between a man and a woman.

The law society said 8,039 of 13,530 eligible voters cast their ballots, with 5,951 voting against accrediting the university and 2,088 voting in favour.

The results are expected to be discussed at a Friday meeting of the governors.

Barbara Findlay, a self-described "lesbian lawyer," said in a news release that it was a "proud day to be a lawyer."

Former Trinity Western student Jill Bishop, who is now an articled law student, said she was proud that her colleagues stood up for equality.

"The experience of being educated at TWU was very oppressive to me as a lesbian who had to sign the restrictive covenant," she said.

(Sidebar: And yet she went there and is now published. What a silly b!#ch.)

There is a reason why there are quarantines:

A nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa said Wednesday that she plans to end her voluntary isolation in Maine, leading to a potential showdown with state officials who have vowed to enforce a mandatory quarantine.

And now, morbid photography and a tale (perhaps cautionary in this day and age) to curdle the blood and quicken the beatings of the heart.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Week: the Mid-Weekening

One more shopping day until Halloween...

The problem with this is that Islam isn't a race:

An Ontario university student learned the hard way that social science experiments can get messy, and if you act like a racist in Hamilton, Ont., you’re liable to get punched in the face.

A group of Ontario university students trying to prove that not all Canadians were Islamophobic following the shooting death of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo appear to have made their point, after one of them was attacked while pretending to harass a friend who was dressed in a traditional Muslim gown.

In a video shot in downtown Hamilton, Ont., the student approached the Muslim man and told him he couldn’t get on a bus dressed like a terrorist. In four separate instances, bystanders stepped in and defended the victim.

And then there's this:

And this:

And this (at the 1:17 mark and the money shot at the 3:03 mark):

And then there's the entire anti-Israel movement and the wiping Israel off the map and the persecution, rape and murder of Christians and the attacks on Hindus...

Did anyone step between those people and their persecutors?

Is it easier to eliminate the concepts of good and evil, embrace moral relativism and, by so doing, loving one's bullies?

That experiment proved yes. For if it is wrong to isolate one group, particularly one that attacks others and worries about backlash that never comes, it should be so for others, as well.

Related: Omar Khadr is an unrepentant murderer:

Cabinet Minister Jason Kenney has taken umbrage with the Ottawa Citizen's decision to publish an op-ed column written by Omar Khadr

And this:

The shooter in last week's deadly attack in Ottawa was a criminal, but not a terrorist — according to NDP Leader Tom Mulcair.

Except for that little video manifesto...

Why would anyone be "uneasy" about getting rid of a common threat?

Canadian warplanes have taken up position in Kuwait, a country straining in its own way to hold back the tide of Islamic extremism from its borders.

The CF-18 jet fighters and CP-140 Aurora surveillance planes are expected to join a U.S.-led coalition's bombing campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant within days.

But outside the tightly buttoned-down airfields there is angst about what is shaping up to be the third war in the region in two decades.

"The official line here is to take a pro-Western position, while maintaining a neutral stance," said George E. Irani, an international studies professor at the American University of Kuwait.

"Yet, the local dimension, you certainly have a large, important, powerful Islamist presence here." ...

But experts here say the problem in the Muslim world is not necessarily online and the emphasis on social media is more a reflection of western self-interest, because that is how radicalism spreads in countries such as Canada, the U.S., and Britain.

Keeping intolerance out of the mosques and the education system is a preoccupation for the Kuwaiti government, political observers say. They add that more emphasis needs to be placed on that aspect of the coalition strategy.

Unlike Afghanistan and Pakistan, where hate is propagated among poor, illiterate masses, radicals in the Gulf States tend to be well off and potentially more dangerous because they are committed ideologues, or true believers.

Some words from 3.048 Hats of Unbridled Anger:

On an amazingly similar note, Owen Pallet’s contribution to #Ghomeshiquiddick includes a description of BDSM that I’ve noticed has become the default, er, position of the last ten years at least ...

There no way that millions of women panted their way through 50 Shades of Grey — and The Story of O, and any number of interchangeable historical romance novels — because they were turned on by “equality” and a “subversion of male violence.”

Is it really necessary for the busybody feminists and their beta male worker bees to turn everything inside out, to fit some theory they learned in school, to make everything “the exact opposite thing” of what it was before they were, unfortunately, born?

The lawyer for a woman accused of hiding bodies of six infants is asking for a halting of their autopsies:

The lawyer for a woman accused of hiding the remains of six infants in a storage locker is asking the court to delay autopsies even though they are "90 per cent" complete.

Greg Brodsky, who represents Andrea Giesbrecht, says the autopsies shouldn't go ahead without an independent pathologist present.

Giesbrecht, 40, sat occasionally biting her nails and pursing her lips as Brodsky told an emergency hearing Wednesday that the independent pathologist would observe the examination "with his hands in his pockets and Velcro on his mouth."

"I'm saying for the 155th time, all I want is a pathologist who is competent and accredited to ... observe the autopsies," Brodsky told Judge Brian Corrin as police continued to search Giesbrecht's Winnipeg home. "I don't want any further autopsy to be done until this court has ruled."

The hearing was dominated by Brodsky and lawyers for the Crown, the medical examiner's office and Winnipeg police — all arguing over who had standing to speak to the request. The hearing was eventually adjourned until Friday when all sides are to make their case over who can make submissions.

Giesbrecht, who showed no emotion during the hearing, is charged with six counts of concealing a body and one count of breaching probation. She has been in custody since the remains were discovered Oct. 20 by employees at a U-Haul storage locker. They had gone to do inventory since the bill hadn't been paid.

The state of the remains was such that police have said it could take months of forensic examination before it might be known who the parents were, how the infants died and whether they were even full term.

At Wednesday's hearing, a lawyer for the chief medical examiner's office said the autopsies were "90 per cent" complete. David Gisser said the remainder of the examination could be delayed for up to two weeks without compromising the remains.

But he told the judge he objected to Brodsky's "very unusual request."

"We have some concerns and questions as to whether the court has the jurisdiction to deal with this request," Gisser said. "I'm here to protect the integrity and the independence of the chief medical examiner's office."

According to documents filed with the court, Brodsky met with Manitoba's chief medical examiner, Thambirajah Balachandra, last Thursday to discuss the request.

Notes of the meeting filed in court quote Balachandra as saying that if the babies were less than 20 weeks old, they will not fall under the jurisdiction of the medical examiner's office. If they were older than that, pathologists must determine if they were alive or stillborn, Balachandra noted.

Pathologists must also determine if the remains are siblings and who their parents were, he said. Because there is a possibility further charges will be laid, it could "taint the investigation" to have an outside observer present, Balachandra said.

Obama hasn't just mishandled the Ebola crisis; he is adding to it:

No wonder governors don't trust him.


The hunt for Amelia Earhart's last whereabouts has consumed researchers, authors, filmmakers, and the public's imagination ever since the pioneer aviator vanished over the Pacific Ocean in 1937 while attempting to circumnavigate the globe.

Now, a three-square-foot scrap of aluminum debris from Nikumaroro, an uninhabited atoll in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati, may provide an important clue.

And now, people who really went to town on their Halloween costumes.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Week: The Next-To-Final Revenge

Corporal Nathan Cirillo, murdered last week by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, was laid to rest.

In the shakiness of his voice, one can see the difference between Stephen Harper and Obama who did nothing while Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was being killed in Libya and went back to golfing after announcing the brutal death of James Foley by ISIS:

Kurdish fighters are about to enter Kobani:

Dozens of Iraq's Kurdish peshmerga fighters are flying to Turkey on Tuesday and will head across the border to fight the Islamic State for control of Kobani, in a battle in which a British hostage purportedly says “is nearly over.”

A man who identifies himself as John Cantlie, who was captured by ISIS in 2012, says in a new video -- purportedly shot in Kobani -- that militants in the contested Syrian border city are “mopping up now,” according to the BBC.

"Now the battle for Kobani is coming to an end,” the man in the video says, shown walking outside as if he was a war reporter. “The mujahideen are just mopping up now, street to street, and building to building.”

The video lasts nearly six minutes and contains footage claimed to be shot by an Islamic State drone. 
Sources in the Kurdish People's Protection Unit confirmed to the BBC that ISIS has drones and said the video appeared to be shot inside Kobani.

"Contrary to what the Western media would have you believe, it is not an all-out battle here now,” the man says. “It is nearly over. As you can hear, it is very quiet, just the occasional gunfire."

A British Foreign Office spokesman on Monday said the government is “aware of a further video and we are analyzing its contents.”

The Islamic State launched its offensive on Kobani and nearby villages in mid-September in battles that have killed more than 800 people, according to activists who spoke to The Associated Press.

The extremists captured dozens of Kurdish villages around Kobani and now also control parts of the town. The battles also made more than 200,000 people flee for safety across the border into Turkey.

Obama does not want ISIS defeated.

There are seventy-five reasons why he might apologise:

Justin Bourque apologized Tuesday to the families of the Mounties he shot in the north end of Moncton on June 4, saying in a quavering voice that the reasons he gave to police for killing three officers and wounding two others were the words of an "arrogant pissant." ...

At the very least, Bourque faces a mandatory life sentence with no parole eligibility for 25 years for the first-degree murder charges.

However, Gunn said the judge should use a 2011 amendment to the Criminal Code that allows judges to extend parole ineligibility in cases of multiple murders. In Bourque's case, Smith could decide that the 25-year ineligibility period for each of the three murder convictions should be imposed consecutively, which means Bourque wouldn't be allowed to apply for parole until he was 99 years old.


A 19-year-old woman who has a mental disability was sexually assaulted on a Winnipeg Transit bus as her support worker who sat two rows in front didn't notice her client had been approached by a strange man until after the assault was over ...

Oh dear:

NHL hockey legend Gordie Howe suffered a serious stroke on Sunday, according to The Detroit News.  

The 86-year-old Howe, known as "Mr. Hockey" to many, is resting at his daughter's home in Lubbock, Tex., according to the report. 

The Detroit News quoted Howe's son, Dr. Murray Howe, as saying Howe is having trouble speaking and has lost some function on one side of his body. 

"The right side of his body is very, very weak," said Dr. Howe. "He's unable to stand without help. He's able to speak, but very, very difficult to speak. 

"He knows who he is. He knows the people around him. But it is very difficult for him to get up and walk around. So he is pretty much confined to his bed right now. So we're just trying to keep him comfortable, and that's our goal."

Does gout cause ankle injuries?

South Korea's spy agency believes it has solved the mystery of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's 6-week public absence that set off a frenzy of global speculation, a lawmaker who attended the agency's closed-door briefing said Wednesday.

The National Intelligence Service told legislators Tuesday that a foreign doctor operated on Kim in September or October to remove a cyst from his left ankle, lawmaker Shin Kyung-min said. He said the spy agency also told lawmakers that the cyst could recur because of Kim's obesity, smoking and heavy public schedule.

Fattest man in a starving nation has lifestyle-related surgery.

Ladies and gentlemen, Johnny Cash.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Week: the Beginning

The Pumpkin King's Got Nothing on Vader
... or something...

John Tory has been elected mayor.

I think this cartoon is spot-on:


Oh, this must be embarrassing:

"Q" radio host Jian Ghomeshi says he has been fired from the CBC because they believed his "sexual behaviour was unbecoming of a prominent host" on the public broadcaster.

And this:

The RCMP said Sunday it is analyzing a video National War Memorial killer Michael Zehaf-Bibeau made of himself just before his deadly attack.

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson said in a statement released Sunday night that the video is being viewed for possible "evidence and intelligence."

"The RCMP has identified persuasive evidence that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's attack was driven by ideological and political motives," Paulson said. "Zehaf-Bibeau had prepared a video recording of himself just prior to conducting this attack."

Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24, of Hamilton, Ontario Wednesday as the Argyll and Sutherland Highlander reservist stood sentry at the memorial.

I guess we can't deny the obvious anymore.

It's come to this:

Canadian police need more resources and not extra powers to deal with the threat posed by extremists after two deadly attacks, say legal and security experts, as the government pledged to deliver tough new anti-terror legislation.

Canada's Conservative government said it will soon introduce a bill to enhance the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) spy agency and is planning other legislation designed to allow police to preempt threats and crack down on hate speech.
Or the government can allow people to carry weapons, it can limit or halt immigration from Islamist countries and get tough on Islamist terrorism.

What a rotter:

Justin Bourque told RCMP investigators he wouldn't change a thing about the night in June when he fatally shot three officers and wounded two others in Moncton, N.B.

If he had the power to go back in time, the only thing he would do differently is bring water, Bourque said during his statement to police after being placed under arrest for the killings.

Perhaps social media is partly to blame for this outbreak. Also to blame, stupidity:

Social media is still fuelling the largest outbreak of syphilis in Winnipeg in recent years.

Dr. Joss Reimer, medical officer of health for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, says 60 cases have been reported in Winnipeg so far this year. The majority are diagnosed in men who are having sex with men

"The numbers are the highest we have seen since our current method of keeping record [was adopted]. We have numbers back to 1991 and we don't have any other years close to this year," she said.

"We had outbreaks in 2003 and again in 2007, but this outbreak is quite a bit larger."

And at least 50 per cent of those infected used social media to find a casual, anonymous sex partner. That makes it more difficult for authorities to identify and notify people to get treatment.

South Korea is seeking the death penalty for the captain of a sunken ferry:

South Korean prosecutors on Monday sought the death penalty for the captain of a ferry that capsized in April, leaving 304 people, most of them school children, dead or missing, in a trial of 15 crew who abandoned ship before it sank. 

Lee Joon-seok, 68, charged with homicide, should be sentenced to death for failing to carry out his duty, which in effect amounted to homicide, the prosecution told the court before resting its case in a trial that has taken place amid intense public anger. 

Sentiment turned sharply hostile after evidence surfaced that the mostly teenage passengers waited in their cabins, obediently following orders, as the crew escaped.

The Kurds are still holding Kobani:

Coming back after two weeks away, it’s surprising that the Syrian town of Kobani hasn’t fallen to the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria. Pentagon officials were predicting earlier this month that ISIS fighters would overrun the town, near the Turkish border, by mid-October, followed by widespread slaughters among the conquered population.

That hasn’t happened. And while that’s obviously good news in the short term for the city’s 200,000 largely-Kurdish residents, it’s tougher to handicap what it means for the long-term U.S.-led effort to “degrade and destroy” ISIS.

Perhaps I'm not seeing how a decisive victory over ISIS and giving Kurds their own state could be ruinous.

And now, the global undead.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Freakout

Friday Post

Quickly now...

Let the cowardice begin!

We will get answers to how and why this happened. They will be vital in preventing any future attack. And to our friends and fellow citizens in the Muslim community, Canadians know acts such as these committed in the name of Islam are an aberration of your faith. Continued mutual co-operation and respect will help prevent the influence of distorted ideological propaganda posing as religion.

We will walk forward together, not apart.

Trudeau trolled for votes well.

(SEE: Couture-Rouleau, Zehaf-Bibeau, converts to Islam)

Yes, because "social programs" and the like have helped before:

Society needs to do more to protect young and vulnerable people from radicalization, the premiers of Ontario and Quebec say.

"It's critical that we understand that there are societal issues that have to be addressed," Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said. "In Ontario we are already engaged with many communities, right from my own riding ... that has one of the largest Muslim populations in the country, and there are many, many people who are engaged with us."

Social and educational institutions have to work together with police to put in place protections for young people whose lives are put at risk and then become a danger to society, she said.

"There isn't one solution to this; this is a community issue," Wynne said.

Where was this "backlash" before?

Alarmed by the case of an Ebola-infected New York doctor, the governors of New Jersey and New York on Friday ordered a mandatory, 21-day quarantine of all medical workers and other arriving airline passengers who have had contact with victims of the deadly disease in West Africa.

The first person to fall under the order was a health care worker returning Friday from treating Ebola patients in West Africa. By Friday evening, she had developed a fever and was being evaluated, New Jersey officials said.

The move came after a physician who returned to New York City a week ago from treating Ebola patients in Guinea fell ill with the virus. Many New Yorkers were dismayed to learn that in the days after he came home, Dr. Craig Spencer rode the subway, took a cab, went bowling, visited a coffee shop and ate at a restaurant in the city of 8 million.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United States on Friday of endangering global security by imposing a "unilateral diktat" on the rest of the world and shifted blame for the Ukraine crisis onto the West.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mid-Week Mellow

Mid-Week Post

Eight more shopping days until Halloween...

More on today's shootings:

One thing that is missing from this article is Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's conversion to Islam:

I would say that is relevant given not only the nature and place of the attack but also that it took place two days after another convert, Martin Couture-Rouleau, ran down and killed Patrice Vincent, a warrant officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. Could it be that in their new fervour, these converts sought to prove themselves?

Why that is a fatal and unbelievably stupid mistake:

There are four reasons for the rise of the Muslim Suicide Convert. Muslim converts are gullible, fanatical, suicidal and expendable.

Let's start with the last one first. Muslims usually come from tribal cultures with extended family groups. Despite its claims of transnationalism and multiculturalism, Islam is an ethnic religion with the descendants of Mohammed elevated over everyone else, the families in the region of his first conquests elevated over other Arabs, Arabs elevated over non-Arabs, Asian Muslims over African Muslims and African Muslims over Western converts to Islam.

A convert to Islam is lowest on the totem pole because he has no family group. In a tribal society, not having a family connection makes you an outsider and expendable. A Muslim who Jihads himself to death creates a hole in the tribal network of arranged cousin marriages, illegal business arrangements and other extended family support structures. A Muslim convert was never part of the network unless he married into it. And even then he can easily be unplugged because he has no common ancestry with them.

In a Muslim country, he can be killed without having to pay blood price. In a Western country, he can be sent off to die without the "tribe" of Pakistanis or Egyptians who built the mosques and hired the Imams who converted him and convinced him to kill non-Muslims being affected by his death.

He is expendable.
Read the whole thing for some possible insight as to why Rouleau, Bibeau and others have damned themselves thus.
There are four reasons for the rise of the Muslim Suicide Convert. Muslim converts are gullible, fanatical, suicidal and expendable.

Let's start with the last one first. Muslims usually come from tribal cultures with extended family groups. Despite its claims of transnationalism and multiculturalism, Islam is an ethnic religion with the descendants of Mohammed elevated over everyone else, the families in the region of his first conquests elevated over other Arabs, Arabs elevated over non-Arabs, Asian Muslims over African Muslims and African Muslims over Western converts to Islam.

A convert to Islam is lowest on the totem pole because he has no family group. In a tribal society, not having a family connection makes you an outsider and expendable. A Muslim who Jihads himself to death creates a hole in the tribal network of arranged cousin marriages, illegal business arrangements and other extended family support structures. A Muslim convert was never part of the network unless he married into it. And even then he can easily be unplugged because he has no common ancestry with them.

In a Muslim country, he can be killed without having to pay blood price. In a Western country, he can be sent off to die without the "tribe" of Pakistanis or Egyptians who built the mosques and hired the Imams who converted him and convinced him to kill non-Muslims being affected by his death.

He is expendable. - See more at:

It is no accident that Islamism is responsible for violence around the globe and it is responsible for these two attacks on Canadian military personnel. There can be no denying that for to do so is insanity. There is also no flimsy basis on which to justify these acts of terrorism, no "root causes", and certainly there is no longer any reason why preventative and protective measures should not be taken to not only tackle Islamism in the popular culture but to stamp it out permanently. If police officers and military personnel are not supposed to wear identifying garb or be armed (as, sadly, Corporal Nathan Cirillo was not), then anyone and everyone is a defenseless target waiting to be taken out. What kind of security does Parliament Hill have anyway? Bibeau was taken out while in the House of Commons. How could he even have gotten that far and would he have had there been an armed presence and had the RCMP, which seized Bibeau's passport, acted before this rampage?

Unless Prime Minister Harper is willing to identify the source of this kind of terrorism and act, whether stopping immigration from Islamist countries or root out domestic terrorists, this day will just generate empty platitudes rather than concrete action that will keep Canadians safe.

Another reason for cynicism:

Ottawa’s police chief sent an email to some local community leaders, including one Muslim imam, to offer support and encourage communication following a series of shootings at Canada’s Parliament complex in Ottawa.

Um, why?

Were other religious communities contacted and so reassured? What about the population in general? No?

Once again, Ibn Warraq's words provide the explanation that can't be emphasised enough:
Most important, Ibn Warraq  describes the “mind-set” of most Muslims as intolerant, self-pitying, stagnant, and trained to blame others for their own failures. He also sees the Muslim “mind-set” as akin to that of people trapped in totalitarian regimes. The need to control thought and to sacrifice individuality characterizes both Islamic and Marxist regimes. Thus, we understand the affinity that Western “leftists” have with reactionary Islamists. Ibn Warraq contrasts this with a Western “mind-set” which is built upon Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian, scientific, and Enlightenment foundations and is characterized by intellectual curiosity, genuine interest in the “other,” a sense of irony, the ability to engage in self-criticism, and a concern with finding the truth.
He does not view Western survival or success as due to historical imperialism, colonialism, or slavery:
The West has succeeded because of an insatiable curiosity that has fueled countless experiments and innovations. That is surely something to be proud of.

Moving on...

A woman is charged after the grisly discovery of six decomposed babies:

Police have charged a woman who was renting a storage locker where the remains of six babies were found, but they say it could be months before they know who the infants were or how they died.

Andrea Giesbrecht, 40, was arrested outside her home in north Winnipeg. Const. Eric Hofley said she faces six charges of concealing a body and one charge of breaching probation.

Giesbrecht has also used the name Andrea Naworynski.

Hofley said it will take an extensive forensic investigation to determine if she is related to the dead infants.

The state of the remains discovered Monday was such that police were initially unable to determine how many babies were in the locker. Their ages are still unknown, but they are believed to have been newborns, he said.

What a b!#ch.

Japan is sending officials to reclusive North Korea to keep up pressure for an investigation into the fate of its citizens kidnapped decades ago to train spies, the prime minister said on Wednesday.

Japan eased some sanctions on North Korea in July in return for the North reopening its probe into the status of the abduction victims and had expected an initial report by now.

But Pyongyang said last month there were no details to report and invited Japanese officials to visit for an update.

Jeffrey Fowle has been freed from a North Korean prison:

North Korea has released one of three American citizens detained in the communist nation, U.S. officials said Tuesday, a decision seen as a gesture of goodwill toward Washington amid stalled nuclear negotiations.

Jeffrey Edward Fowle, who had been detained since entering the North in late April, was on his way home after leaving the North, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. The 56-year-old had been accused of leaving a Bible in a hotel.

Fowle is one of three American citizens detained in the North. 

The two others are Matthew Todd Miller, who was sentenced to six years of hard labor for committing "hostile" acts after entering the North in April, and Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American missionary who was detained in late 2012 and has since been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for unspecified anti-state crimes.

There is no "victory" if Kim Jong-Un isn't tried for crimes against humanity:

The good news is that for the first time in North Korea’s history, its rulers face a real risk of accountability for murdering or starving to death more than two million of their own people. In the short term, this raises little or no direct legal risk to Kim Jong Un and his courtiers. In the long-term, a global deliberation on Kim Jong Un’s responsibility for crimes against humanity could unite the world in pressuring North Korea to discard its malevolence, or alternatively, until its malevolent system ceases to exist.


An Open Letter to Alex Hundert

Dear Alex Hundert,

You're a douchebag.

Cases in point:

Let's can the crap that you are truly outraged by colonialism or any injustices in the world of which you are not directly privy because you are just some sheltered white liberal who is mad at dad or whatever (where have we seen this behaviour before?). Because you can never be a fine or even remotely productive individual, you run down those who are, including the young man who lost his life in Ottawa today (attacking such a victim of violence - really classy). Let's also dispense with the nonsense that you are the brave sort who will challenge anyone face-to-face. You're a coward disguising yourself as some sort of iconoclast (probably in order to impress the self-loathing girls who will take any attention they can get even if it is from someone like you). You were called out by people who are rightly nauseated by your disgraceful tweets and your faux outrage ('cause you're, like, real or whatever!). You will never face these people and tell them what you really think. You just mimic others whose ideologies are just plain lazy or dreadful. Do you ever have original thoughts? Probably not.

Now that you've had your tantrum and gotten your attention, can you go away now? The world has had enough of your obnoxious behaviour.


Thinking, Feeling Human Beings