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Lots to talk about...

It's just money:

Canada's decision to lift the visa requirement for Mexican travellers is expected to cost about $262 million over the next decade, in part to deal with a potential surge in asylum seekers, according to an internal government analysis.

A regulatory impact analysis statement, just published on a Canadian government website, pegs the overall cost of the policy change that kicks in today at $433.5 million over 10 years due to extra enforcement resources and added costs associated with a potential spike in refugee claims.

The analysis predicts those costs will be partially offset by an estimated $171.6 million in economic benefits through increased tourism from Mexico and a boost in trade and investment opportunities.

Incompetence, you say?:

Progressives like to insist concerns about government waste and spending are overblown, or at least hardly unique to the public sector. And indeed it’s important to remember that many projects do get built competently, on budget and on time.

But what we see here is a failure to implement or enforce even the most basic management controls or safeguards over public money. With the gas-plant stench of political shamelessness and corporate donations hovering over Queen’s Park, it is only logical for people to be furious.

Lysyk’s exhausting 800-page report also found, notably, that the government was spending millions on advertising that promoted itself; and that it still hadn’t managed to roll out electronic health records completely after 14 years and $8 billion spent. It would be remarkable, surely, if it ever got a chance to declare mission accomplished on that file — but these Liberals have won remarkable elections before.

Oh, now they want a referendum:

Liberal minister Maryam Monsef accused a special committee studying electoral reform of not doing its job Thursday, even as committee members called their 333-page report an unprecedented show in cross-partisanship — and accused Monsef of either lying or not understanding the process.

... says the known liar.

During a raucous question period, the Minister of Democratic Institutions reiterated there’s “no consensus” on reform, drawing ire and mockery from the opposition. One MP said, incredulously, “people aren’t stupid.”

Damn right. People don't want a rigged system that allows corrupt autocrats like the Liberals to rule ad infinitum.


Oh, dear:

The National Science Foundation has agreed to provide medical evacuation from the South Pole for 86-year-old Buzz Aldrin, a former astronaut who in 1969 became one of the first people to walk on the moon.

Ted Cruz is being Ted Cruz:

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas eviscerated President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday for their statements following the death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Speaking from the Senate floor, Cruz said "we are thankful" for "this brutal dictator's" death. He said Trudeau and Obama "should know better" than to offer up the statements they did.

"Let me be absolutely clear: We're not mourning the death of some revolutionary romantic or a distinguished statesman," said Cruz, who is of Cuban descent. "We're not grieving for the protector of peace or a judicious steward of his people. Today we are thankful, we are thankful that a man who has imprisoned and tortured and degraded the lives of so many is no longer with us."

The Texas Republican said he wanted to pay tribute to the "millions" who "suffered at the hands of the Castro regime."

Does anyone have a t-shirt for them?

Filthy SOB:

A man suspected of fatally shooting a veteran Tacoma, Wash. police officer was shot and killed by authorities early Thursday after an hours-long standoff in which he was using two children as shields ...

Parents in Utah stop their son from further shooting:

Two fast-acting parents disarmed their 15-year-old son at a Utah junior high school Thursday after they noticed the teenager acting peculiarly in the morning and realized he had taken the family's shotgun and handgun, police said.

The mother and father arrived shortly after the boy entered a classroom in the northern Utah city of Bountiful and fired one round into the ceiling, injuring no one but leaving a hole the size of a small plate, Bountiful Police Chief Tom Ross said.

The suspect also pointed the shotgun at his own neck, Ross said.

The boy didn't say a word as a teacher and one of 26 students tried to talk him out of firing again, giving his parents a few extra second to arrive at the classroom and take him into the hallway, Ross said.

If Trump is serious about making NATO members pay for their defense, does Putin really take this as Trump being malleable?

Mr. Putin did not mention Mr. Trump by name, saying only that Russia wanted to work with the incoming United States administration “to normalize and begin to develop bilateral relations on an equal and mutually beneficial basis.”

Identity groups are symbols of political narcissism, of people so willingly isolated from the majority that they become the intolerant and narrow-minded mouth breathers they claim to despise. The replacement (not the elimination) of anything higher or more noble than one's self with the coddled ego hasn't just destroyed a culture; it has turned political tides against it.

Case in point:

In this portion, Santorum gives it right back to the hecklers:
I suspect that all of the people who just stood will walk around this campus and talk about tolerance, and all of them will tell you you have to celebrate what? Diversity. Celebrate diversity, preach tolerance, but when it comes to anybody who disagrees with them, there is no tolerance.

This public rudeness has cemented Mr. Santorum's point than anything else he could have said.


Turning Point USA, a conservative organization made up of high school and college students, has compiled a website database of more than 200 professors at universities across the nation that “discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”

The website,, doesn’t list just any professo­r — TPUSA requires proof.

“This watchlist is an aggregated list of pre-existing news stories that were published by a variety of news organizations,” the website states. “While we accept tips for new additions on our website, we only publish profiles on incidents that have already been reported by a credible source.”

The website also says that TPUSA is not attempting to silence the professors on the list, but instead they are exposing “specific incidents and names of professors that advance a radical agenda in lecture halls.”
How many people have been publicly humiliated or attacked for their beliefs by childish leftists?

It's in the ear now.

And now, get solemnly festive...

He's mad as hell and not going to take it any more!

The beaver was apprehended at a dollar store in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement, apparently after browsing the selection of artificial Christmas trees and trashing the place.

The “suspect attempted to flee the area,” as the sheriff’s office put it in a statement, but it was apprehended by animal control and released to an animal rehabilitator — hopefully not just to be released into the wild, but to be taught basic shopping etiquette.

Facts about Nathaniel Hawthorne's, The Scarlet Letter

The Puritans Really Did Make People Wear Letters For Adultery.

Hawthorne must have known there was historical precedence for The Scarlet Letter. According to a 1658 law in Plymouth, people caught in adultery were whipped and forced “to weare two Capitall letters namely A D cut out in cloth and sowed on theire vpermost Garments on theire arme or backe.” If they ever took the letters off, they would be publicly whipped again. A similar law was enacted in Salem.

In the town of York (now in Maine) in 1651, near where Hawthorne’s family owned property, a woman named Mary Batchellor was whipped 40 lashes for adultery and forced to wear an ‘A’ on her clothes. She was married to Stephen Batchellor, a minister over 80 years old. Sound familiar?

Birthdays in December:




Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mid-Week Post
A merry Saint Andrew's Day to all y'all.

It's the last day of November and Fidel Castro, the murderer of thousands, is still dead.

Why the Trudeaus adore mass murderers:

The Trudeau flirtation with some of the world’s worst dictators cannot be explained away as youthful rebelliousness or written off as temporary lapses of judgment. John English, in his formidable first-volume biography of Pierre Trudeau, Citizen of the World, says it is “fair to ask a broader question: Was he generally too sympathetic to authoritarian regimes of the left?”

English waffles into a non-conclusion. “Trudeau was willing to give the Soviets, the Chinese, and, later, the Cubans much credit for getting their ‘social priorities’ correct. While acknowledging the limitations on civil rights in these authoritarian societies, (Trudeau) emphasized their social achievements.” In another summary, English looks at Trudeau’s fascination with Stalinism and concludes he was not a “duped fellow traveller” but someone who knew that “liberty was the most precious individual good.”

If so, why did he never repudiate his glaringly wrong-headed 1961 claims that Mao Zedong’s catastrophic Great Leap Forward counted as an international social achievement and that China as a nation that had its social priorities straight?

During his visit to China, Trudeau and other Quebec intellectuals were guests of Mao’s regime, dining in splendor and eagerly swallowing massive dollops of propaganda as they toured the country. In Two Innocents in Red China, a 1961 book Trudeau co-authored with Jacques Hebert, Communist China emerges as a global force for good. Under Communism, they wrote, the small-wage earner “is no longer just a speck of dust in the proletarian mass … The genius of Mao is to have persuaded hundreds of millions of people — by astonishingly effective methods — of the grandeur and nobility of their task.” Persuaded might not be the right word to described Mao’s methods.

Trudeau met Mao, and called him “one of the great men of the century.” Trudeau wrote of his “powerful head, an unlined face, and a look of wisdom tinged with melancholy. The eyes of that tranquil face are heavy with having seen too much of the misery of men.”

It was the face and eyes of a mass murderer. As Mao shook hands with Trudeau, millions of Chinese had already died across the country as part of a national “Superpower Programme” to industrialize and modernize China. The malevolence of the agricultural and production reforms, their cruelty and abusiveness, are documented in horrific detail by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday in their monumental book Mao: The Untold Story. The resulting 38 million deaths were what Chang and Halliday call “the greatest famine of the 20th century — and of all human recorded history.” Mao, they say, “knowingly starved and worked those tens of millions of people to death.”

Chang and Halliday singled out Trudeau’s “starry-eyed” book among other Westerners complicit in denying Mao’s atrocities. Instead of searching for the truth, Trudeau claimed to have seen the benefits of Mao’s policies. With Hebert, he wrote that “China’s methods are going to be imitated by the two-thirds of the human race that goes to bed hungry every night. And the moral indignation of the West will be powerless to stop it.”

Over the decades, Trudeau failed to acknowledge his massive lapse in judgment. In a 1997 article in Saturday Night magazine, editor Kenneth Whyte reviewed several of Trudeau’s works published during the 1990s. “Two Innocents in Red China may well be the worst book ever published in Canada,” wrote Whyte. “Certainly no significant Canadian public figure has ever been so dreadfully wrong about a major event as Trudeau was — and, perversely, continues to be — about Mao and the Great Leap.” 

More than three decades later, Trudeau was still talking up the thrills Mao gave him. “There is no acknowledgement (in any of Trudeau writings) of Mao’s tyranny, or Trudeau’s error,” wrote Whyte.

Read the whole thing.

There is the face of a true believer. The elder Trudeau was steadfast in his unwillingness to see Mao or Castro's tyranny.

His son is not any different.

From Trudeau's malice to his incompetence:

Across B.C.’s lower mainland and on Vancouver Island — less so in the provincial interior — Trudeau is now accused of betrayal, of putting fossil fuel exploitation before environmental protection. That’s all on him and his government, not on Clark and her MLAs; they can be accused only of pipeline fence-sitting. That’s a win for them, given everything.

Ottawa’s decision to instruct the National Energy Board to deny another, larger pipeline proposal that would have cut through B.C. to the northern coastline was also unsurprising. The Enbridge Northern Gateway project was always considered a non-starter, even after the NEB gave it conditional approval in 2014.

Should the smaller Kinder Morgan project ever go ahead — there’s no guarantee, given the nature of the project, the legal uncertainties and the popular opposition around it — the expanded pipeline would triple the volume of Alberta bitumen to a Burnaby refinery and tidewater terminal.

More controversially, it would vastly increase the number of oil tankers already loading up with oil and manoeuvring through Vancouver’s busy Burrard Inlet, into the Strait of Georgia, around Victoria and towards the open ocean for distant Asia. The number of ships making that tricky journey would jump from the current five or so each month to 34 a month. That’s a sobering prospect.


Justin Trudeau’s momentous decision to approve Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline has aroused concerns that the government will now curb its enthusiasm for the Energy East project to the Atlantic coast.

Frank McKenna, the deputy chairman of TD Bank and former premier of New Brunswick, said the decision to approve Trans Mountain was “very courageous,” in the face of opposition from environmentalists and First Nations.

But he said he has been concerned for some time that what may be beneficial for the West Coast might prove detrimental to the East.

“Atlantic Canada is part of Canada, too, and right now it is totally left out of the Canadian energy mix. We want in. (Energy East) would be transformative for our region and we’ll be pushing very strongly to see the pipeline finished,” he said.

(Sidebar: and who did the Maritimes vote for?)

Don't worry - nothing will get built, but it sure looks good on paper.


Ontario’s cap-and-trade program will cost the province’s consumers and businesses $8 billion dollars in its first years of operation to get minimal greenhouse gas reductions, the auditor general said Wednesday.

In her annual report, Bonnie Lysyk said households will pay an average of $156 next year in added costs on gasoline and natural gas, rising to $210 in 2019 plus another $75 that year in indirect costs on goods and services.

The government has also earmarked $1.32 billion out of the expected $8 billion in projected cap-and-trade revenue to help offset the cost of residential and business electricity bills, but it doesn’t say how, Lysyk’s report said.

Oh, dear:

The pilot of the chartered plane carrying a Brazilian soccer team told air traffic controllers he had run out of fuel before crashing into the Andes, according to a leaked recording of the final minutes of the doomed flight.


Paulo Follmann made the comment during a phone conversation with The Associated Press about his son, goalkeeper Jakson Follmann of the Brazilian soccer club Chapecoense.

The father says, ''The chances of surviving an airplane crash are practically zero. That my son is one of the survivors is a miracle of God.''

Follmann adds: ''We have not spoken to him or received any other information regarding how serious his condition is. That is making us feel anguished.''

About the same time, the hospital where the player is being treated in Colombia reported that his right leg had to be amputated. It described him as being in stable condition.

Fires have devastated the town of Gatlinburg:

In all, more than 14,000 residents and tourists were forced to evacuate the tourist city in the mountains, where some hotspots persisted and a curfew was in effect overnight Tuesday.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam, who flew in to see the damage caused by a fire he called the largest in the state in the past 100 years, said he was struck by how some buildings were burned to the ground while others — including most of the downtown entertainment cluster — were untouched.

“It just could have been so much worse,” he said.

Things have nothing to do with jihad until they do have something to do with jihad but they still don't have anything to do with jihad:

The Obama administration is warning Americans not to cast blame on Muslims after a student at Ohio State University launched an attack on innocent civilians that was likely inspired by Islamic State terrorists. ...

The attacker posted a message on Facebook that law enforcement officials have released to the public.
“By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday,” he wrote before the attack. “Btw, every single Muslim who disapproves of my actions is a sleeper cell, waiting for a signal. I am warning you Oh America.”

On Tuesday, the ISIS news agency Amaq claimed the attacker was “a soldier of God,” according to the New Yorker, and might have been inspired by the Islamic State’s terrorist manual….


For a man given to fiery rhetoric and long-winded sermons, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani became oddly quiet during his last summer as the chief spokesman for the Islamic State.

The Syrian who exhorted thousands of young Muslims to don suicide belts appeared increasingly obsessed with his own safety, U.S. officials say.

He banished cellphones, shunned large meetings and avoided going outdoors in the daytime. He began sleeping in crowded tenements in a Syrian farm town called al-Bab, betting on the presence of young children to shield him from the drones prowling the skies overhead.

But in late August, when a string of military defeats suffered by the Islamic State compelled Adnani to briefly leave his hiding place, the Americans were waiting for him.

But... but... residential schools!

The report from the Northern Policy Institute looks specifically at education in the remote northern Ontario communities of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation.

It offer a five-point action plan to improve high school education, including improvements to an existing nation-run “residential school” system.

“The small size and sheer geographic distance separating isolated First Nations communities suggest that residential schools, in some form, will remain the most viable option for some time to come,” the report concluded.

Decades from now, there will be future victims of social experiments speaking out and wondering why no one said anything before:

Bill 28 erases the basic, core rule of our law that a person is the child of her natural parents and deletes all references to “mother,” “father,” and “natural parents” from Ontario statutes, replacing them simply with “parent.” It also removes references in some statues to persons being related “by blood,” while expanding its meaning in others to include new forms of legal family relationships that are not, in fact, blood relationships.
With natural parentage and blood relations so reduced in legal significance, it should not surprise us that the bill also moves beyond couples as the basic family unit. It removes the presumption in law that a child has only two parents and permits multiple people to enter into “pre-conception parentage agreement” (PCPA). Up to four unrelated and unmarried adults can sign a contract entitling them to be legal parents to a child without being biological parents, applying to court for declarations of parentage, or adopting.

Seriously - how much money does it take to make up fake news

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. has submitted a proposal to the federal government requesting $318 million in additional funding in order to allow the public broadcaster to move to an ad-free model.

Why not make one's grab for cash now? The Ever-Corrupted are in charge.

Case in point:

Ontario's auditor general says taxpayers have footed the bill for millions of dollars in government advertising that is actually partisan.

Bonnie Lysyk warned last year that changes the government made to advertising rules could see her office reduced to a rubber stamp for ads even if she feels they're partisan.

The old rules banned ads as partisan if the intent was to foster a positive impression of government or a negative impression of its critics, but the new rules say an ad is partisan only if it uses an elected member's picture, name or voice, the colour or logo associated with the political party or direct criticism of a party or member of the legislature.

Lysyk lists in her annual report today several government ads that she would have flagged under the old rules as misleading or self-congratulatory, as opposed to giving the public information.

I'm sure John McCallum thought this through:
December begins the so-called Month 13, when the government-sponsored refugee package, with its monthly living allowance, ends for many families. They either have to support themselves or fall back on provincial social assistance.

"I'm very thankful to the government for providing for me, but I really want to work. I don't want to depend on the government," said Ibrahim Tonbari, who brought his family of six to Windsor, Ont., one year ago.

Twelve months after uprooting, the Tonbaris count their many blessings: two kids in school, a three-bedroom rented house and enough food for the family.

But Tonbari, 30, is struggling to pick up enough English to secure work in the construction business. 

Between language classes and getting his family settled, he hasn't found a job — and there's another baby on the way.

He worries but says he had little choice other than to leave Homs, Syria, behind.

"Everything I ever built since I was 12 — I had a home and I furnished it, and I had savings so I could start my business in Syria — it's all gone," he said.

Next month, his family will have access to Ontario Works, the province's social assistance program, until Tonbari can get working.

The Chinese government destroys a Buddhist sanctuary:

Larung Gar has become one of the most influential institutions in the Tibetan world, the teachings of its senior monks praised, debated and proselytized from there to the Himalayas. In recent years, disciples have popularized a “10 new virtues” movement based on Buddhist beliefs, spreading its message across the region.

Now Chinese officials are tightening control over the settlement, in what many Tibetans and their advocates call a severe blow to Tibetan religious practice.

On a recent afternoon, workers in hard hats were dismantling cells that monks and nuns had built along a ridge. As they tossed aside wooden beams and plastic sheeting, nuns picked through rubble looking for their belongings. Men who appeared to be plainclothes police officers looked on from a bench across the street.

Also - where did Chinese girls go?

According to this article, twenty-five million women were simply not registered as opposed to being aborted or killed post-natally.

While it is very possible that most births were simply not registered, the article doesn't explain away 336 million abortions done in China since the infamous one-child policy was enforced. According to available statistics, there are 13 million abortions a year (1,500 an hour). One of the chief reasons for this is the preference of sons over daughtersFrom 2000 to 2014, 9,615,875 sex selection abortions have taken place in China. If the majority of abortions were done because the child was a girl and female infanticides (not recorded) are still rampant, then where did the remaining girls who didn't get killed or otherwise prevented from being go?

Even members of South Korean president Geun-Hye Park's party want to sever ties:

On Wednesday, the day after President Park’s offer to leave the fate of her presidency to the National Assembly, the Saenuri’s reformative group, often referred to by local media as the “non-Park faction,” reconfirmed its earlier plan to join the opposition in seeking impeachment.

But it also left some room for the embattled president to step down voluntarily, kindling concerns from opposition parties that the impeachment bill could falter at the last minute.

“Yesterday, the media seemed to think that the emergency committee (consisting of non-Park figures) took a step backward (on impeachment) but this is not true,” said Rep. Hwang Young-cheul, speaking for the non-Park group.

“Despite the speculated impact on the impeachment quorum, our stance (to support impeachment) has become even stronger today.”

On the previous day, Park had said that she would let the National Assembly decide the fate of her presidency.

“I shall lay my course of action, including a curtailment of my presidential term, to the decision of the National Assembly,” she had said in an unheralded address to the nation.

“Should the political circles suggest a way in which I may hand over power so as to minimize chaos and a vacuum in state affairs, I shall step down from the presidency according to the given time line and legal procedure.”

This was her third official statement since the allegations broke out in late October that her confidante Choi Soon-sil had extensively meddled in key state affairs and taken undue profits.

And now, as we slowly move towards Christmas, plan your tree-decorating accordingly:

Monday, November 28, 2016

For a Monday

It's Monday and Castro is STILL dead.

Shamed as he was with the Yazidis (whose priority status as refugees was found to be "disgusting"), PM Hair-Boy now finds himself shamed from attending the funeral of his favourite uncle, the man who presided over the terror and murder of the Cuban people:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not attend the funeral of Fidel Castro, his office said on Monday, days after Trudeau’s warm comments about the late Cuban leader sparked a backlash.

Governor General David Johnston, Queen Elizabeth II’s representative in Canada, will attend a commemoration in honour of Castro on Tuesday, at the request of Trudeau. 

Trudeau sparked fury and online mockery after he referred to Castro as a “remarkable leader” and expressed his sorrow at the death of “Cuba’s longest serving president”. The statement lauded Castro’s “accomplishments” but failed to acknowledge the dictator was both a revolutionary and a fascist, who oversaw a regime that include brutal repression of the Cuban people that still exists today.

This was Trudeau's Eamon de Valera moment and he failed big-time.

When the time comes, PM Hair-Boy will punish the Canadian people for their obstinate insistence that he certainly doesn't shed tears on their behalf for that Cuban murderer.

Can you say "tax hike", ladies and gentlemen?

Also - I was saying "Boo-uns!":

Trudeau booed at

Many are dead, including the suspect, after a killing spree in Ohio:

A man who drove a vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday and then used a butcher knife to attack them was shot and killed by police, officials said. Eleven people were treated at local hospitals for stab wounds or injuries from being struck by the vehicle; none of those injuries appear to be life-threatening.

The suspect was identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, an OSU student of Somali descent. Law enforcement officials said they could not rule out terrorism as a motive. 

Yes, I see. It is never terrorism.

There must be some other motive that will reveal itself after many weeks of white-washing and deflection.

Also - I'm sure that Western feminists will be all over this:

The smiling woman on the daily Moroccan television show spoke to viewers as if it were any other makeup tutorial, comparing brands and hues of face foundation and demonstrating how to apply it.
Seated next to her was a woman with what appeared to be a black eye and bruises on her cheekbones.

“After the beating, this part is still sensitive, so don’t press,” the host said in Arabic as she applied makeup on the woman’s face, eventually concealing the woman’s bruises.

“Make sure to use loose powder to fix the makeup so if you have to work throughout the day, the bruises don’t show,” she said.

The makeup tutorial, aired last week on Moroccan state television, instructed viewers how to use concealer to “camouflage the traces of violence against women,” spurring outrage on social media that prompted an apology from the channel. The segment was broadcast two days before the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Guardian reported.

“It’s a subject we shouldn’t talk about, but unfortunately that’s what it is,” the segment’s host, Lilia Mouline, said in the tutorial. “We hope that these beauty tips help you carry on with your normal life.”

Before naming the various recommended beauty brands, Mouline reminded viewers that the apparent swelling and black and blue bruises around the woman’s eyes were depicted with makeup, and were not the result of real wounds. She suggested certain foundation tones for most effectively disguising a woman’s unfortunate “beating.”

A cursory reading of the Koran would tell one what Mohammad and his followers who are expected to follow his example feel about Christians and Christianity:

Indeed, as with all of Islam’s hostilities, animosity for the cross begins with Muhammad. He “had such a repugnance to the form of the cross that he broke everything brought into his house with its figure upon it”; he once ordered someone wearing a cross to “take off that piece of idolatry”; and he claimed that at the End Times, Isa (Islam’s version of Jesus) will make it a point to “break the cross” as proof that Christians had gotten it wrong all along.
(Sidebar: it is, after all, a symbol of a Jew's sacrifice for us.)

The Islamists are not alone in these sentiments. Leftists, angry at dad and stunned by Christianity's moral clarity, too, wish that they only had the courage to be as thuggish and intolerant as the raving Islamists forcing native Christians from their homes and places of worship.

Oh, that's a shock:

President Park Geun-hye will not comply with the prosecution’s call for a face-to-face questioning, her lawyer confirmed Monday, reiterating her earlier stance that she would rather face an incoming independent counsel probe.

While the prosecution made a last-minute attempt to connect the president to the extensive allegations involving her confidante Choi Soon-sil, political parties shifted their focus to constituting an independent counsel which will substitute the thwarted prosecutorial investigation.

“The president cannot cooperate with a face-to-face questioning on Nov. 29,” said Park’s legal representative Yoo Yeong-ha in a statement.

This refusal came just a day ahead of the prosecutors’ deadline.

If people who might have a debilitating condition wish to pay for an MRI, then who are the fascists in Ottawa to say that they can't?

Federal health minister Jane Philpott has written to her provincial counterpart, Jim Reiter, telling him she would like Saskatchewan to "put an end" to encouraging private payment for medical scans.

No one forced you to attend that particular college:

Davison would graduate from the evangelical Christian university in 2006 as the team’s top goal scorer, but her memories of TWU are forever tainted by that e-mail and its aftermath. For breaking the school’s community covenant agreement, which forbids all sex outside of heterosexual marriage, she lost her scholarship, went on behavioural probation and was temporarily barred from the soccer pitch.

“I was allowed back on the team, but it was a much different experience this time around. I felt like I was being watched,” she said. “I can’t remember the early days of being there and feeling like I was just a normal, regular part of the team.”

The TWU covenant is at the centre of an ongoing dispute over the school’s plans to open a law school. The Law Society of B.C. tried to deny accreditation to the school because the covenant doesn’t recognize legal same-sex marriages, but the province’s highest court recently found that stance infringed on the school’s freedom of religion.
You're not a victim, martyr or crusader.

Your lone voice in the wilderness does have a peculiar nasal quality to it, though.

And now, as we slowly wait for Christmas Day, let us ponder these unusual bits of trivia about some favourite holiday movies:


Films are known to change names to fit foreign markets. That’s nothing new. However, sometimes its nuance gets a little lost in translation. Case in point: the Czech Republic’s extremely literal, albeit accurate, title.

The Czech Republic seems to be blunt about these matters.

(Paws up)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Post

"There shall come forth a Rod out of the root of Jesse, and a Flower shall rise up out of his root" for the root is the family of the Jews, the Rod is Mary, the Flower is Mary's Christ."

Canada's leading idiot defends his love for the deceased Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro:

“He certainly was a polarizing figure and there certainly were significant concerns around human rights,” Trudeau told reporters Sunday. “That’s something that I’m open about and highlighted, but on the passing of his death I expressed a statement that highlighted the deep connection between the people of Canada and the people of Cuba.”

Trudeau said he never shies away from raising human rights issues, including on his recent visit to Cuba.

“Canadians know that I always talk about human rights, including here yesterday, including with Raul Castro two weeks ago and wherever I go around the world,” he said.
Yeah, that excuse only works if everyone is as stupid as you are, Justin. There is a reason why everyone is making fun of you, especially Canadians.

Pierre Trudeau had an affinity for dictators. During the Second World War, he raced about with a German helmet on his head giving the Nazi salute.

These antics later evolved into full-fledged admiration for not only Castro, whom Trudeau visited in 1976 and got along famously, but also for the Chinese dictator, Mao Tse Tung, whom Trudeau gushed about while millions of Chinese starved to death.

Moving on to Justin's indifference to the human condition: he refused to call FGM and other misogynistic practices "barbaric", he openly admitted that he admired China, he offered parkas to Yazidi children who were forced to run into the desert to evade ISIS, he joked about the Russian incursion into Ukraine, he called prioritising for Yazidis, Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities targeted by ISIS for refugee status "disgusting", he withdrew from the fight against ISIS as soon as he was elected into office and he travels while unemployment and debt rise higher.

Human rights?

It would easy to assume that Trudeau is calculating and therefore lying to cover his ill thought-out condolences.

But no. He is regular run-of-the-mill stupid and believes that everyone else is, too.

Moving on...

Israel arrests twenty-two people in connection with wild fires:

Israeli police said Friday that at least 22 people were in custody on suspicion of starting a series of huge fires that has forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes and left widespread damage across the country.

China wants sanctions to work against North Korea the way a fly in a spider's web wants to be eaten:

… when called on its years of flagrant violations, China says it’s afraid that sanctions will work so well they’ll destabilize the regime in Pyongyang. Here’s a typical example of something you’ve read at least a hundred times:

China fears that stricter measures against North Korea, such as cutting off provisions of oil and food, would lead to a humanitarian disaster with millions of refugees flocking across the border. The collapse of Kim’s government could also put soldiers from South Korea and its U.S. ally right on China’s border, a scenario Beijing’s leaders want to avoid. [Bloomberg]

A premise of that view is that China would rather have a nuclear-armed, genocidal North Korea along its border than a democratic one friendly to the United States, which it views with intense hostility.

North Korea is a useful buffer state for China. One simply cannot buy that kind of help.


And now, is Nathaniel Hawthorne's daughter destined for sainthood?

In 2003, the Archdiocese of New York commissioned a tribunal to study her life and deeds, as well as her writings. A decade later, the Vatican received documents in favor of her canonization. Although it could take years for the Pope to decide if Mother Alphonsa will become a saint—among other hurdles, there must be proof she committed two miracles—her legacy of selflessness, generosity, and courage continues. Today, the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne operate three homes—Rosary Hill, Sacred Heart, and Our Lady of Perpetual Help—in New York, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, respectively. These homes offer free palliative nursing care for patients with incurable cancer, continuing the work that Mother Alphonsa began over a century ago.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Cuban Train Wreck

PM Hair-Boy must be shielded from the backlash online (and hopefully to his ugly, little face) regarding his arrogant inclusion of all Canadians in sorrow over the death of Fidel Castro, who presided over the imprisonment and death of thousands of Cubans.

Cubans who have escaped Castro's prison-island certainly don't feel bad about his passing:

“Satan, Fidel is now yours,” read one man’s sign. “Give him what he deserves. Don’t let him rest in peace.”

Nor do I.

Not even the majority of Castro's family appear to miss him.

So, of whom is PM Hair-Boy speaking? It can't be for the majority of Canadians who see him as the arrogant blithering, money-wasting idiot, the son of a man who idolised all manner of dictators.

What a bubble Justin lives in.


By simply looking at the previous year’s spending on refugee resettlement, it was clear that the $100 million estimate was unrealistic. In 2014, the government spent $64.3 million through the resettlement assistance program to resettle 7,100 refugees.

That works out to $9,055 per refugee. Trudeau’s plan, by contrast, only allocated $4,000 per refugee.
It was plain to see back then that the Liberal platform price tags were out of touch with the real costs of refugee resettlement.

Lo and behold, on Tuesday, the Trudeau government released the final annual expenditures on the Syrian resettlement program.

The initiative did not cost taxpayers $100 million, as Trudeau had once promised. Instead, the Trudeau government spent $384.7 million on the program. They spent nearly four times as much as they said they would.

But, in a truly Orwellian twist of logic, the Trudeau Liberals claimed the initiative came in under budget. Immigration Minister John McCallum’s office shamelessly claimed the government managed to save $70.3 million from the cost of the Syrian resettlement program.

How can the Trudeau government claim they spent $70.3 million less than planned when they actually spent $284.7 million more than planned?

No one blinked enough to miss that, Justin.


A Reminder

Che and Castro - before they were on t-shirts:

On January 3rd 1959, Fidel Castro appointed Ché Guevara Commandant of the imposing La Cabaña Fortress in Havana, built in the 18th century when Cuba was a Spanish colony. The fort served as a prison as well and Ché was also appointed Chief Judge of the Revolutionary Tribunals that were to get started there. Until then, there was no death penalty in Cuba, as Article 25 of the Constitution (of 1940) prohibited the death penalty except in cases of military treason. It had only been applied once to a German spy during the Second World War. But, on January 10th 1959the new Revolutionary Council of Ministers modified the Constitution, ignoring constitutional amendment provisions, and on February 10th 1959 promulgated a new Fundamental Law. These maneuvers gave the death penalty a vise of legality and allowed for its retroactive application. …

Ché was head of the Appellate Court. He had the final word on capital punishment and did preside over the appeal hearings sometimes just a few minutes, and there are no known reports that he overturned a single death sentence. The hearings often ended with his orders for the swift execution of the defendant. La Cabaña soon became an execution mill for the new revolutionary government. The prisoners awaited their fate while hearing the hammering of caskets being assembled prior to their trials. Rarely were they able to say goodbye to their families, who were then deprived of the body for a proper funeral. The trials, appeal hearings, and executions were typically held late into the night, often at dawn, as Ché believed people were more subdued at night. Around the country, publicity was lavished on the trials and executions. In Havana and other cities, some trials were held at theaters and stadiums and bloodthirsty mobs were encouraged to attend. Some executions were televised and even moviegoers had to watch them as previews. The revolutionary leader’s intention was to spread fear and submission, sheer terror, among the population.